Manhunt for jealous girlfriend who slashed woman’s face for ‘flirting with boyfriend’

Manhunt for jealous girlfriend who slashed woman’s face for ‘flirting with boyfriend’

A manhunt is underway for a jealous woman who went on the run after injuring a woman she believed had been flirting with her boyfriend on a night out.

Karlie Tuft vanished after being convicted of grievous bodily harm of Bianca Beaumont, 34.

The 32-year-old also failed to appear in court for sentencing yesterday.

Tuft disfigured Beaumont after taking cocaine and downing booze at a party in Newport, Wales in February 2021.

Following the attack, Tuft’s partner John Jackson told Ms Beaumont he’d kill her young children if she reported the incident to the police.

Despite her absence in the trial and being on the run, Tuft – who has a history of violence – was sentenced.

The grim couple have now been jailed for a combined total of more than 10 years.

Cardiff Crown Court heard Ms Beaumont is now suffering trauma, and fears she may have been scarred for life after suffering slash injuries to her cheek, lip and nostril, report the South Wales Argus.

The victim and a friend had visited Tuft early in the morning after an all-night rave, where at first the defendant welcomed them both to the home and introduced them to Jackson.

However, violence erupted when Tuft accused Ms Beaumont of “impropriety” with her boyfriend and lashed out at her – slashing her face open.

Judge David Wynn Morgan said Ms Beaumont was “distraught” and desperate to leave the flat.

“Knowing that she would need hospital treatment for her injuries, they demanded to know what she intended to say about how they’d been caused,” the judge said.

“They insisted that she not identify Tuft and to say that she had been attacked in the street.”

Jackson took hold of the blade before warning Ms Beaumont: “If you tell the police Karlie done that to you, if Karlie gets locked up or goes to jail, I swear to God I will slice your kids worse than you are.

“You will not have any kids.”

Judge Morgan told Jackson his threat was “callous, vicious, cruel, and intended to cause the maximum fear and anxiety”.

After the sick attack, the horrific couple pretended like nothing had happened and went to visit Tuft’s mum for a Sunday roast.

Tuft, of Lavery Close in Newport, was convicted of wounding with intent and sentenced to six years and six months in prison.

Jackson, 31, of Holm Road in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, was convicted of making threats to kill – and has been jailed for four years.

In their attempts to find Tuft, police have provided a detailed description of her.

They have described her as: ‘5ft 2ins with brown hair and brown eyes. She has a tattoo of two stars on the left side of her neck, a butterfly on her ankle and a gun on right thigh. She has a piercing on her bottom left lip.’

Speaking about the missing suspect, a Gwent Police spokesperson added: “We have actively been seeking the whereabouts of Karlie since she failed to appear in court, and we’re asking the public for their assistance.

“Anyone with information is asked to call us on 101 quoting reference number 2100061623, you can also message us on our social media pages.